Intro Video

InstitutePro Intro Video

This intro video describes the features of our product Institute Pro.It is very easy to use.It is User Friendly.This produces Reports which is useful for making decisions so fast.It is a technology for institutes.It is a social Platform like Facebook, where users,parents and teachers can commmunicate with each other.It provides Technical support which is 24/7.

There is a one time set up and you can use their all modules.There is a different modules for different users.foe Example:- For Students there is student Panel and for teachers there is teacher panel.Teacher can send a friend request to student and vice versa.Teacher can view their students,classes their time tables,manage attendance ,apply for leaves.Similarly Student can view their examination results,their sllyabus,their time table.The Students who comes from different cities,They have provide a hostel facility and transport facility.

Student can pay their school fees online.Students can take their admission online.

Apart from these facility there is another facility provided to students are library facility where students can issue any books for 15 days.Students can download ebook from here.There is a noticeboard where students,teachers and parents can view all the events and holidays list in it.

The most important features is that teachers can assign the assignments to each students.The students can view the assignments, when their assignments are completed.They upload the assignments.The Assignments are checked by teachers.

There is finance panel where  all accounts are managed.