Key Benefits of Student Management System

Key Benefits of Student Management System

Key Benefits of Student Management System

Looking for automation of your school, college, institutes, and universities? Then you can definitely trust on expertise of our institute management system open source solution. We are ranked as best student attendance management system in various schools outside and within India as we have automated all processes of any institute that enrolls students for studies.

These automated processes are following:

  • Student information system
  • Library management
  • Attendance management
  • Staff management
  • Hostel management
  • Transport management
  • Email and sms alerts
  • Accounts management
  • Examination management
  • Fee management
  • Parent’s module + more

The best part is that these automated processes is that they can be configured and customized as per the need of any institute, and user  has ability to turn off any feature they don’t see applicable to them. What makes Institutepro the best student management system is that it is easy to use irrespective its many functionalities as there is associated role with every user like teacher, student, staff roles, which allows it to display only relevant information and its institute management system open source features makes it fit into the pocket of institutes ranging from even hundred students to many thousands students. There is no infrastructure installation required except the internet within the premises as it is total cloud/web based system.

Every management system needs server to store the data like information of students, staff and various other roles, every record entered into system takes server space and best part of our services as best attendance management system is that space is total free of cost with hundred+ number and this space is based out of cloud servers which are relevatively very secured as compare to local storage, we only charge for software usage per student – per month/ per year and this charge is included in as nominal fee charges to student or Institutes can pay monthly or annual charges. Some institutes who are availing our online examination or online contest services are enjoying it free of cost and you can do the same. For further details please reach us out on following contact details with your needs:

InstitutePro from the house of TopologyPro LLC

[email protected]