How to Manage Institute Operations

How to Manage Institute Operations

How to Manage Institute Operations

With increasing competition and rising talent amongst various students and aspirant parents are now looking for SMART institutes. Lot of institutes are focusing on school and college automations but the solution they are trying to apply is either not very user friendly, or have lot of errors when executed due to lack of IT support provided by solution providers. Some also are little reluctant to buy heavy infrastructures like costly servers to manage institute operations.

Our research and department team minutely noticed the pitfalls and issues with institutes those automated their solutions and gathered all problems across nation and worldwide and came up with product of its own to manage institute operations which called Institutepro. This school and college automation solution has following features

  • Since its cloud based school and college automation tool, so there is no need to buy additional costly additional infrastructure
  • Very easy to use screen
  • Covers all functionalities starting from attendance, admissions, library, finance, fee management, staff, transport management etc.
  • Excellent support is available to all institutes when they start using it.
  • It is very cost effective solution that is affordable by all institutes
  • Communication between students, teachers, parents become seamless and smooth
  • Survey has shown that Students feel more connected and involved in studies after its installation

There was belief that school and college automation is simply to purchase institute management software to manage institute operations which actually is showing very unpredictable and less productivity results as the institutes those are buying those softwares are still not being properly used as staff, students etc prefer to use communication over emails or distributing of  print copies of assignments to students by teachers as these doesn’t seem to be much user friendly and easy to use.

So don’t wait and just contact us for copy of your instiutepro – school and college automation software and be ranked as no 1 student’s choice preferred institute for smart studies. We will provide you with details, online trainings and assistance to help you install it, so that students turn out to be more informed, successful and shows excellent results in academics and technical programs.

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